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  • Cereus fa. monstrose “Ming Thing”

    (Ming Thing)

    C. validus fa. monstrose “Ming Thing”

    A blue cactus with short and lumpy monstrose growth, to 12″ tall. Do not overwater, it is slow growing and likes to be dry.

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  • Dionaea “Red Dragon”

    (Venus Fly Trap)

    D. muscipula “Red Dragon”
    D. muscipula “Akai Ryu”
    Perennial Carnivore

    A stunning red-trapped cultivar of the classic fly trap. Deep burgundy in summer. The petioles can reach 6″. Allow to slightly dry between waterings. No fertilizer.

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  • Copiapoa hypogaea var. barquitensis

    (Lizard Skin)

    Small round solitary barrel will eventually grow vertical to 5″ tall. Very slow growing. Yellow flowers in summer.

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  • Sansevieria hallii “Baseball Bat”

    (Snake Plant)

    Thick wide-open splayed blue-green leaves with thin red edges.. Stemless, grows from rhuizomes, will grow 3-4ft.

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  • Mimulus “Jelly Bean Betabel”


    Evergreen Perennial

    Dark green glossy leaves and numerous magenta flowers with a golden throat will bloom year round. Deer resistant.

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  • Agave ferdinandi-regis

    (King of the Agaves)

    A. nickelsiae

    Large thick green leaves with striking white markings. Aggresive thick black terminal spines. Upright habit, to 18″.

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  • Sansevieria “Boncel”

    S. cylindrica v. patula “Boncel”

    Tight fans of thick spear-shaped green and white leaves. A compact snake plant makes a great low water houseplant, moderate to bright light.

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  • Oxalis namaquana

    (Cape Wood Sorrel)

    Large yellow flowers winter thru spring. Palm-like leaves. Keep dry when dormant.

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  • Sansevieria patens

    (Snake Plant)

    Thick spear-shaped ribbed green leaves. A compact snake plant makes a great low water houseplant, moderate to bright light. Underground 1″ rhizomes.

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  • Espostoa guentheri

    (Cola de Zorro)

    Vertical columns, whitish to yellow spines, to 8ft tall. When mature will form a reddish cephalium with cream colored flowers.

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  • Mangave “Pineapple Express”

    Agave x Manfreda hybrid, PP28613

    Deep green waxy leaves with dark purple spotting makes this plant pop! More upright than other Mangave varieties, this plant makes a big statement in small areas. Pups over time. Deer resistant.

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  • Osteospermum “Bright Lights White”

    (Cape Daisy)

    Evergreen perennial

    Bright white flowers with yellow centers. Great for cut flowers. Blooms spring through fall.

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It’s a Bulb!

It’s the Oxalis namaquana, a rare little Wood Sorrel bulb with giant yellow flowers, as you can see. Usually most of the flowers are through the spring, but occasionally you get some through the winter. It’s a winter-growing bulb, so it can happen!

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Can We Help with a Cactus ID?

Yes we can! Dear Cactus Jungle, I purchased a cactus from a garden centre in the UK. They were unable to tell me much about my purchase. I have been looking at your website and the cactus bears a striking similarity to opuntia monacantha variegata, which you sell I just wondered whether you would be… Read more »

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Sedum or Senecio?

Hi there- I found myself on your website when doing a Google search for the plant in the attached photo. I am a landscape designer in San Diego and a fellow designer suggested that it might be Sedum rupestre ‘Silver’; I’m not so sure because the plant height is more than 1′ high. Can any… Read more »

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