New this Month

  • Bowiea volubilis

    Bulbs spherical to 10″, long twining vines, sm. greenish blooms

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  • Mangave “Lavender Lady”

    Manfreda x Agave

    Soft lightly spotted silvery-lavender leaves with a moderate terminal spine. Rosettes to 20″ wide.


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  • Agave “Frosty Blue”

    (Whale's Tongue Agave)

    A. ovatifolia “Frosty Blue”

    Large, regular agave gets 4ft. across, with wide blue-grey leaves and small marginal teeth.

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  • Euphorbia pseudocactus

    (Zig Zag Euphorbia)

    Tall and cactus-like shrub with a wide spreading candelabra shape. Forms branches and will have tiny leaflets on the newer growth.

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  • Euphorbia horrida v. striata

    (African Milk Barrel)

    Clusters of variegated green stems to 18″tall

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  • Cotyledon orbiculata

    (Pig's Ear)

    Thick stems, elongated round waxy leaves, white with red tips in full sun, green in shadier conditions. Mounding to 4 feet.

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  • Aloe mudenensis

    (Muden Aloe)

    Clump-forming large rosettes, red in full sun, thick juicy leaves

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  • Crassula columella


    Miniature square-shaped vertical stems to 6″. Grows in quartz outcroppings along hillsides.

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  • Haworthia “White Ghost”

    (Ghost Star Cactus)

    H. retusa “White Ghost”

    Slightly erect, clumping, stemless rosettes with white-striped variegated leaves.

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  • Jatropha capensis

    Shrubby with a trunk-like caudex, to 4ft tall. 3-lobed leaves. Yellow flowers. Deciduous in winter.

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  • Plectranthus tomentosa

    (Cuban Oregano, Vicks Plant)

    Minty aroma, can be used in cooking. Soft fuzzy aromatic leaves, purple flowers. great for hanging baskets.

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  • Pachyphytum bracteosum


    Small and shrubby with ovate leaves.Grows in limestone cliffs of Mexico.

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    Succulent Wreath Pre-Order Special

    2019 Succulent Wreath
    20% Discount now Thru Aug 31, 2019
    Wreaths to Ship November
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    These are Individually Handmade Wreaths. Makes a great gift! An awesome centerpiece. Hangs on a door.

    Succulents are fully rooted in a moss ring with enough succulents to plant a garden.

    Each wreath is unique.

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California Native Succulents

Dudleya “Frank Reinelt” is a coastal variety of D. caespitosa, so you know it will grow well for you, assuming you are coastal too, since we are the Bay Area, so named after the coastal feature that defines it.

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Tightly Stacked Succulent Leaves

Crassula columella Common Name: Silinderplakkie Origin: South Africa; Namibia Description: Miniature square-shaped vertical stems to 6″. Grows in quartz outcroppings along hillsides. Temperature : Hardy to 28F

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Peperomia prostrata

Peperomia prostrata in production! Coming soon! That’s the parent plant in bloom… I love peperomia bloom spikes!

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