Blooming Cactus

Hi Peter,

I came by the store at the end of June and showed you a few pictures of my blooming cactus I got from you last March. It was labelled a subdenudata but you thought it was an eyriesii since the flowers were pink. You asked for a few photos to be sent to you but I have been too busy and forgetful since then to send them to you, until now. So, please see the attached (I’m sending in two e-mails since I don’t know what the capacity of your e-mail account is).


Isolated flowers are still sprouting up and I think a new one is still coming. I think one sprouted what looks like a green fruit after blooming, also (it’s smooth with no needles).

Best regards,



Wow! That’s a slightly different color than the flowers we’ve been getting, but I do think it’s E. eyriesii.


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