Evolution in Action

We cactus peoples like us some reptiles too. Cactus gardens and tortoises just feel right together. But don’t forget the lizards (Who could forget the lizards.) Anyway, this is all an introduction to some lizard evolution caught in action, although from the SE US, not from the desert, but like I said we cactus peoples like us some reptiles too.

Native U.S. Lizards Are Adapting To Escape Attacks By Fire Ants


ScienceDaily (Jan. 24, 2009) — Penn State Assistant Professor of Biology Tracy Langkilde has shown that native fence lizards in the southeastern United States are adapting to potentially fatal invasive fire-ant attacks by developing behaviors that enable them to escape from the ants, as well as by developing longer hind legs, which can increase the effectiveness of this behavior.

Now that’s some change we can believe in.

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