In this fire season in Southern Cal., Debra Lee Baldwin writes about firewise plants on Gardening Gone Wild.

Succulents by definition are plants that withstand drought by storing water in fleshy leaves and stems. This makes them slow to catch on fire. Consequently, they’re good perimiter plants for gardens in fireprone areas.

She also discusses fires in the recent past and shows pictures of gardens that helped to protect homes. This is just as relevant here in Northern California, where the fires are just as intense, if less frequent. Debra will also be teaching a class on planting for fires on September 20, if you happen to be in the Encinitas area.

So to summarize: Preparing for drought? Plant succulents. Worried about fire? Plant succulents. Want a gorgeous garden with a multitude of varied architectural shapes and modern colors? Plant succulents. What more could you want?

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