Outdoor Report on Blooming Cactus

KHTS AM 1220 Outdoor Report reporter Wendy Langhans noticed her cactus outdoors was blooming. I post a quote from her report and a picture from the website, because I feel it is important to let radio have just as much blog support as newspapers. Now, where in the heck is KHTS anyway?

One evening this week as I was watering my plants, I noticed a few cactus buds that were almost ready to bloom.  I made a note to check back early the next morning, because most cactus blossoms don’t last very long after they open.  And sure enough, the next morning the flowers were open and resplendent in the first light of dawn.  As I zoomed in with my camera to take a photo, I noticed that the anthers were covered with a dusting of white pollen.

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