The Business of Cactus in the News

Looking back, Grant Cleveland admits that starting a business with just one product, a kit for growing cactus plants, didn’t seem like the most logical thing to do….

Six years ago, Cleveland launched DuneCraft Inc. with just the cactus kit, called the Odd Pod, and less than $100,000 he raised from suppliers and angel investors….

Today, DuneCraft… makes fun products, including Carnivorous Creations, a kit for growing meat-eating plants.

That’s just fantastic. I wonder what these so-called toys are? Shall I search the interwebs to find them for you in this happy holiday season?

Yes I shall. Come with me to see what I’ve found after the break…

Odd Pods, $12.99 each. And don’t miss the “Wild West Cactus Roundup is a complete kit to grow over 25 different varieties of cacti in a unique planting corral.”

Carnivorous Creations, a bargain at $24.99. But keep an eye on the Sundew Savages, “Grow your own collection of feared and famous… vicious bug-eating monsters!”

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